5 of the Best TED Talks about Architecture

Cameron Sinclair: A call for open-source architecture

What is it about: Cameron Sinclair shares his TED Prize wish — “a network to improve global living standards through collaborative design”.

Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting suburbia

What is it about: In this talk, Ellen Dunham-Jones shares a vision of retrofitting suburbia. This big and bold sustainable design project features rehabilitation of dying malls, tranforming parking lots into wetlands, and more.

Diébédo Francis Kéré: How to build with clay… and community

What is it about: Architect Diébédo Francis Kéré provides a glimpse into his work in his hometown of Gando in Burkina Faso. He shares images of structures made from clay and other materials that he and members of the community built.

Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places

What is it about: Iwan Baan is an architecture photographer who shares his works as he captures images of people making homes in unexpected places.

Michael Murphy: Architecture that’s built to heal

What is it about: Architect Michael Murphy talks about his and his team’s works to design and create architectur that explores a holistic approach. Here he presents some of their works in countries like Rwanda among others.